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Rabu, 17 November 2010

DISASTROUS - Slavery Of Disgusting Torture (2009)

Band - Disastrous
Album - Slavery Of Disgusting Torture
Year - 2009
Genre - Brutal Death Metal
Country - Philippines
Web -

Band Members :
Delon Alcordo - Vocal
Kristopher Ragas - Guitar
Kim Warren Pescadero - Bass
Eugene Verallo - Drums

1.Rise Of Freddie The Blamer
2.Flesh Feast Orifice
3.Embalmed And Bleed
4.Devouring Dead Rot
5.Slavery Of Disgusting Torture
6.Whore Of Violence
7.Hacked Up For Mutilation
8.Vaginal Impalement Sodomy
9.Desolate Way (Morbid Angel Cover)
10.Consuming The Corpse


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