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Selasa, 02 November 2010

INTENSE HAMMER RAGE - Avagoyamugs (2001)

Tracklist :

1. Choking on a Chocolate Log
2. My Fist, Her Face, Same Time, Same Place
3. The Third of Five to Have Her Alive
4. Homesick Abortion
5. Premature Ejaculraper
6. The Promise of Horror and Worse to Come
7. I'd Rather be Retarded
8. Any Old Snuff Film Starring Your Kid as the Corpse
9. Laugh At You You're Dying
10. Meatatarian Cannibal
11. The Corpse In Question Didn't Say No
12. Babysitter
13. Pre-Teen Sex Scene
14. To Men Who Masturbate Over Dying Children
15. The Art of Fucking Kids (Pedophile in Practice)


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